Why I ended up making my own mattress

Published by Beto Dealmeida on

Turns out it's not trivial to get a mattress that is both organic and vegan. I hade to make my own.

I wanted a new mattress that met two conditions:

  1. Used organic materials; and
  2. Was vegan.

Turns out this is not trivial, at least in the US. In the US mattresses are required to have a fire-retardant material, that is either not-organic or wool (wool is not vegan). My partner called a company and asked if they could make us a mattress without wool and they told her they would require a doctor's note (!) for that.

We ended up building our own mattress. We bought a base made of coconut fiber, and 3 mattress toppers of increasing densities made of pure organic latex. Each mattress topper was 3" tall, for a total height of ~9", which is the typical height for a mattress.

Photo showing the a coconut fiber layer used as the base of the mattress.

Photo showing the bottom latex topping, of high density.

Photo showing the middle latex topping, of medium density.

Photo showing the stacked toppings, with a low density one on top.