What's in a name

Published by Beto Dealmeida on

Where the name 道&c. comes from

We have a common expression in Brazil: "etc. e tal". It's used when describing the end of a list of things, and it literally means "etc. and such". I always enjoyed it, and since "tal" is pronounced similarly to "tao" I came up with this domain name: "tao etc.", a play on the word "tao" — path — and the original expression.

You might also not know that "&" is a ligature of "et", which means "and" in Latin. In some fonts it's really clear that "&" is just a representation of "et", but those are the exception. Because of that, some people write "etc" as "&c", though it's not common.

So this is my blog. 道&c. The path, and more. Tao, etc. I love the combination of 道&c, because it spans ages and continents.