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What I've been up to lately

Using IRC on OpenBSD

I decided to install OpenBSD (6.7 was just released![archived]) on an old laptop that I was not using, a Lenovo T420 that's actualy pretty good.

Once I had OpenBSD running, I installed an IRC client and connected to Freenode. I joined #indieweb to chat about the IndieWeb project[archived]. The project aligns perfectly with my vision for the future of the web, and with the principles on which my blog engine, Nefelibata[archived], is built upon. I'm still digesting their wiki, but in the meantime I already implemented support for webmention[archived].

The next steps will probably be installing Mutt and BitlBee.

(Also posted on IndieNews.)


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Anonymous replied on https://commentpara.de/comment/592.htm on 2020-05-27

Hello, there!

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Anonymous replied on https://commentpara.de/comment/595.htm on 2020-05-29

Welcome to the IndieWeb 🙌🏽