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What things I currently use to do what I do


The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is my main instrument these days. It's a super portable drum machine, sequencer, and sampler. I can make full songs using only the OP-Z, but I also use it to sequence external gear via MIDI, or with some effects units.

I use Ardour as my DAW. I learned music production on Ableton Live, which was great due to the number of tutorials available for it. Later I switched to Bitwig, which I still love for its modular capabilities. But I really wanted to make music with OSS, so I switched to Ardour a few years ago. Ardour made me less productive, but it forced me to learn more about music production and to use my ears.

I love small portable units that are versatile — I try to build a studio that can travel with me, or that I could still have if I lived in a van. The Empress ZOIA, the Poly Effects Beebo, and the MOD Duo all fit into that category.


I've been using vim as my main editor for more than 20 years now (I wrote my PhD thesis with vim!). Python is my go-to language, and I learned to love type hinting by working on open-source projects with other people. On the frontend I use Typescript and React, and I've been a fan of Javascript since I can remember.


I run my own mail server on Digital Ocean. I moved a lot of services to a Raspberry Pi running on my closet, including a Mastodon instance. The Pi gets its IP address from Hoppy.

My personal blog is built by a custom static site generator and hosted on S3. My Gemini capsule runs on Jetforce on another Digital Ocean instance, but I'm planning to migrate it to the Pi at home.