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Unlocking embrace

A song collaboration

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Liner Notes

@elesimo[archived]: Bill reached out for us to make a collaboration, and sent me a really nice track with dark pads.

I was happy that the key was in Db, because I could finally use the guitar capo that I had bought for FAWM! I added 3 different guitar tracks, with the leads drowning in reverb (using an impulse response from a tower). The drums came from the OP-Z, which I was hoping to use it more on the track but didn't feel it was necessary.

The song came naturally after listening to Bill's track, and I really like all the elements together — they capture well the kind of sound that I love. Definitely a favorite!

@heuristicsinc: I reviewed a song by @elesimo[archived] using the OP-Z and thought it was pretty cool, so I checked out their artist page and saw that they had said they were open to collabs, so I reached out. The original track I recorded was Maschine with Massive (2, I think) synths, done with live looping and semi-improvised. I sent the track over, and thought that the result was pretty much perfect! A favorite on my side too.




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starfinger replied on FAWM on 2021-03-03:

this is super good

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This is awesome. Love that dark driving undertone, beeps, panning, textured sounds... lots of great layers. There are spots where the darkness lifts slightly and then comes back which is a fun little twist in the listening experience. Those subs hit hard. Great collab. Love this.

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roysmith replied on FAWM on 2021-03-03:

Definitely feel the darkness in this. Wonderfully moody atmosphere. Love the gentle beeps underneath, they skitter around pleasantly