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A quirky song

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Liner Notes

For this FAWM I wanted to challenge myself to write 14 songs in one session, using a small portable musical instrument that I've been using more and more: the OP-Z. The OP-Z is a drum machine, sampler, sequencer and synthesizer the size of a TV remote control, and I love how it enables me to quickly sketch out song ideas and write full productions.

In addition to the OP-Z, I also used a Korg "mini kaoss pad 2S" to add some effects to the OP-Z, including reverb, filters, and distortion. During January I practiced with the OP-Z and the Korg, trying to make at least a song per day.

I used Titular (http://muse.fawm.org/titular) to generate the titles for the songs, and it really helped my creative process since I tried to interpret the seemingly random titles. The title "(unit)" was very odd, so I wanted to write a song that was quirky.

I livestreamed my session to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YnyxxMnXpA) in case anyone is interested in seeing the workflow with the OP-Z.




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standup replied on FAWM on 2021-02-02:

I liked the title, so listened to this one. I like the dark and low bedrock combined with the bright chatty melody.

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a kid's music box!

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aeye replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

Cool idea on the titles. This seems like it would be about an odd alien piece of technology from a snes era rpg.

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Love the cyclic build up. Great sounds and vibe. The sub/kick thing is a perfect heartbeat driving this on.

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looprication replied on FAWM on 2021-02-15:

Love the flourishes of chords in there, like a strummed harp. This little thing can do a lot... if you're @elesimo 😉

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ofishell replied on FAWM on 2021-03-08:

Ooooh, when the beat comes in at 15 seconds! Nice! Going to check out some of the session on YouTube now!