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Under the redwoods

A post-rock song with some experimental drums

Liner Notes

I started writing this song trying out a new workflow to program drums in Ardour (a free and open-source DAW). I have a MIDI buss with a multi-sampler, each sample going to its own audio track. This way I can have multiple MIDI tracks sending notes (eg, one for each drum instrument) to a single same plugin, while being able to process each instrument independently in its own track.

As for the instruments, in this song I play a Fender Precision Bass through an Elektron Analog Drive, and a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar through Guitarix (https://guitarix.org/). The piano is a free soundfont that I play through my MIDI controller, an Arturia Keylab 61.

The drum samples are low quality (since it started as a test), and I could spend more time improving the mix, but I'm happy with this one.




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bitshred replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Awesome guitar tones. Everything is well composed here.Enjoyed listening.

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aeye replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

love the piano and the pads and synths in this. The piano really gets a nice deep sound in there. In a way this reminds me of some of the instrumentals you'd here on a Moby album.

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valeriecox replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Great sound. It's thick. Love the guitar. Great piano line. Love the way you weave parts in and out. Great atmosphere. Then that break around 2:40ish is like saying, hey stay right, I'm not done with you yet. It's very cool.

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wobbiewobbit replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

the sounds really pulled me in from the beginning, right from the first bass notes. there is a real epic feel to this. great title for the feel of it. very enjoyable listen 😀

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woodhornhank replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Really nice,kind of minimalistic,but it moves and evolves nicely

sph's avatar
sph replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

There are a lot of ideas in this - you manage to arrange it in a flowing way. Nice!

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sailingmagpie replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

I was trying to think who this reminded me of and I just read @vomvorton's comment. It was 65daysofstatic that I was thinking of.

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sailingmagpie replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

I really like the lo-fi feel to the drums. This is very well arranged. I particularly like the piano melodies. A nice bit of post-rock!

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frenchcricket replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

This is good! The drums and the restrained guitar work really well together

owl's avatar
owl replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Very beautiful, feels really confidently composed and arranged--I actually really like the lo-fi drum sound here.

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seemanski replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Great atmospheric track, this is what I imagine would be playing when the zombie apocalypse finally happens.

cicpisces's avatar
cicpisces replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Yes a promising track with an upbeat feel. Feels like a detective soundtrack. Well played. Excellent variation. Nice work.

vomvorton's avatar
vomvorton replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

This is very cool, and I also like the drums - they remind me of the way 65daysofstatic use electronic drum loops in their post-rock stuff. Really good build and generally cool dynamics!

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wimx52 replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

I really like this track. You had me with the first couple of notes and then built on it beautifully from there ... very moody (and I mean moody in a good way) and atmospheric. Great song.

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sarahmonticue replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

There’s something really emotionally evocative than you’ve got going here. You mentioned the drums were low quality, but I really like them - they add so much. There’s something weighty about this song that I’m not sure how to describe - but I like it.

barbara's avatar
barbara replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Those first notes completely riveted me! (Watch pupils dilate) Loving the developing groove, and the distinct parts that play so well together while remaining themselves, if that makes sense? Really lovely track. It has an active feeling, but it’s slipped inside a very chill overall container, which works wonders!

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kahlo2013 replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Ah.. this transports and moves me! Love the bass line and the breaks. Cool dancing keys. All fits well to create a lovely soundscape.

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tseaver replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

Cool FLOSS song! Gotta love all the routing flexibility built into the stack on Linux, even if you trade away vendor support for stuff. Are you synthesizing the drum samples with something like Geonkick, or using actual sampled sounds you've pulled in (and what sampler?)

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I like the bass timber a lot in this one 😀

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nictesla replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

This is a really cool song; nice vibe, and the gradual additional instrumentation helps build this song well! Nicely done!

jamesstaubes's avatar
jamesstaubes replied on FAWM on 2020-02-26:

I like the lo-fi drums and I like all the drum breaks. The piano part is cool. It sounds like it could be the theme song for a doctor/hospital tv drama.

audrey's avatar
audrey replied on FAWM on 2020-03-02:

This sounds great. Especially like the keyboard. A cool combination and layering of sounds. This could easily be used in a movie scene where a group of people are planning something big, or working toward something really important like in a lab of some kind. It really got my imagination flowing.

keithcuts's avatar
keithcuts replied on FAWM on 2020-03-03:

Baassssss is sweet Dig the piano too Full sounding track Excellent

pipewrench67's avatar
pipewrench67 replied on FAWM on 2020-03-03:

This starts off strong, then the piano comes in and puts it over the top. Love the growly guitar underneath.