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The compendium of flowers

A dark song from a collaboration with co-workers

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Liner Notes

(Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash)

@elesimo[archived]: I started this song for the #darkfantasyart challenge: type "dark fantasy art" into google (or any other search engine) and look at the resulting images until you are inspired by one to write.

I found the image above on Unsplash (an amazing site for public domain photos!) and wrote a basic chord progression with organ and pads on top of slowed down #zecoopdrums. I then shared it with a couple co-workers: Evan Rusackas added the groovy bass, and @dpgaspar added the solid guitar. I really like the atmosphere in this one!




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blackrose1313 replied on FAWM on 2021-03-03:

Very impressive!

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jdschramm replied on FAWM on 2021-03-03:

Cool atmosphere, really dig the bass and guitar tones too.

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apertome replied on FAWM on 2021-03-03:

Beautiful track. Takes me to a King Crimson state of mind. I think I hear some backwards stuff in here? Really cool!

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zecoop replied on FAWM on 2021-03-17:

Really digging this, especially with the background of the artistic inspiration! Bluesy and psychedelic and the general warm, lo-fi vibe really gives it an intrigue. Everything is so good - bass sounds amazing and the guitars and organ pads work together well. It all came together (love the slowed down dark drums as well!). Super cool sounds and song!