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Test post templates

Testing per-post templates on my blog engine

This is a test for per-post templates on my blog engine, nefelibata[archived].

On nefelibata, each post is a file with a header and a body:

subject: Hello, world!
summary: This is my very first post
keywords: test, demo

# Hello #

Hello, world! This is my first post.

The body is transformed into HTML, and rendered into a post using a default template called post.html.

I added support for other templates, configured per post. For example, in this post I have:

subject: Test post templates
summary: Testing per-post templates on my blog engine
keywords: blog, nefelibata
type: song
song-url: mp3/50_chances.mp3
song-title: 50 chances
song-artist: The Fishermen & the Priestess
song-album: 50-90 2020

Since the type is specified as "song" the blog will render the page with a custom template, song.html. That template takes extra metadata — namely, song-url, song-title, song-artist and song-album — and automatically generates a media player.


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