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Speak seek teardrop

Teardrops falling into the water

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Liner Notes

For this FAWM I wanted to challenge myself to write 14 songs in one session, using a small portable musical instrument that I've been using more and more: the OP-Z. The OP-Z is a drum machine, sampler, sequencer and synthesizer the size of a TV remote control, and I love how it enables me to quickly sketch out song ideas and write full productions.

In addition to the OP-Z, I also used a Korg "mini kaoss pad 2S" to add some effects to the OP-Z, including reverb, filters, and distortion. During January I practiced with the OP-Z and the Korg, trying to make at least a song per day.

I used Titular (http://muse.fawm.org/titular) to generate the titles for the songs, and it really helped my creative process since I tried to interpret the seemingly random titles. For "Speak seek teardrop" I tried to add little notes that sounded like teardrops falling into the water.

I livestreamed my session to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YnyxxMnXpA) in case anyone is interested in seeing the workflow with the OP-Z.




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vomvorton replied on FAWM on 2021-02-02:

Wow, I come over to see if you've gotten anything posted yet and you're already at 14! Congrats, amazing work! Love the idea of using the randomly generated titles to give you a direction to work in, this title is really cool and you've definitely captured that water-drop effect in the synth line.

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dzdandcunfsd replied on FAWM on 2021-02-02:

😁 I fully agree with the below comment. I was thinking it sounds like a thought that hurt before I read that. I'll mark that YT page, those little things have had me intrigued for a while now. You're really giving it a workout this year! This sounds amazing.

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sounds like thinking about a decision you've just made and you're not really sure if it was the best decision

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laotranati replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

Nice song! I like the contrast between the drops and the...bass? that is almost distorted. I think is awesome that you livestreamed your session, I had so many questions about how you did it because I became more interested in electronic instruments recently 😀

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aeye replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

This is very atmospheric. Like you said in the description it really feels like rain drops. Makes me think of watching an oncoming storm as it slowly grows and then fades away.

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ablaze replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

Wow mesmerising

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jorh replied on FAWM on 2021-02-08:

Wow the OP-Z sounds like a cool little instrument! The piano intro is beautiful and then flows effortlessly into the sections where new sounds are introduced, but stays the centrepiece. The piece takes the listener on a journey into the skies before falling again. Nice job 😀

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radiobenedetto replied on FAWM on 2021-02-08:

I like the feel of this one. I can almost hear some vocal melodies for this. Nice work!

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katmtl replied on FAWM on 2021-02-15:

I love the minimalism in this piece! Very cool! This should be in the movies! Very nice job! ❤️❤️

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jsini replied on FAWM on 2021-03-08:

I really like this. Wonderful.

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guatecoop replied on FAWM on 2021-03-08:

This is beautiful! I like all of the space in this, as it seems just right. Very thoughtful and thought provoking for me. I have one of those pocket operators but don’t know how to use it. I would love to make something like this. As we were talking about in the zoom, this sounds and feels like mindfulness. So well done.

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jeustan replied on FAWM on 2021-03-22:

Beautiful. I love the pairing of dissonant sounds and bouncy rhythms. It's so interesting to have so many complex harmonies ringing out and then another one jumping out behind the next bar. I really enjoyed this.