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Purple heart

I've been making a song every day on the OP-Z, here's number 6

Liner Notes

This is another song sketched on the OP-Z[archived] — it really feels like a notebook where I can quickly come up with new ideas and play with sounds, like doodling on paper. This one uses piano samples for the slow notes, and some step components on the percussion to make it richer.


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Bill Mill replied on Twitter on 2020-07-10:

@dealmeida When I go to that page on mobile safari I don’t get anything playable, fwiw

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Is that an accordion or melodica synth that comes in second? It's a very interesting combination of timbres. I like the richer warmer sounds with the brighter brassier reed organ sound and the really high stringy synth sounds (like a hammered dulcimer or harpsichord almost) that come in sometimes.