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Another song exploring the OP-Z

Liner Notes

Look — It's another OP-Z[archived] song!

I've been playing the OP-Z for over a year now, and I still have so much to learn. Yesterday I gave my friend a 1:1 workshop on using it to write full songs, and today I decided to explore some of the functionality that is new to me. In this simple composition I played with the performance track[archived], automating changes in that automatically add fills, stereo effects and more. I also use the tape track, which is quickly becoming my favorite since it allows me to chop the sounds in weird ways.


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standup replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-18:

Nice intro, then chopping up the rhythm. I like the development into the bassline and percussion. Really nice development throughout, building and building. I like the ending with things dropping out.

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phylo replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-18:

I love that arpeggiated high pitchy thing way in the background. This is really lovely, the melody is evocative and so sweet.

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Vom Vorton replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-29:

LOVE that intro with the slight dissonance. This builds really nicely, the bass has such warmth to it and listening on headphones the changes to the stereo field add a lot of interesting texture!

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Really interesting textures and changes as it morphs into the bass and drums part. Gorgeous melody.