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One More Way To Paradise

In February 2019 I rented a house and invited a bunch of musicians to spend the weekend making music together. This music video was made on the first day.

Liner Notes

Written February 1, 2019 by @BrigetBoyle[archived], @littlespiral[archived], @elesimo[archived], Ally Gale, @KadieKelly[archived], @mixeract[archived], @phylo[archived]
Recorded by Phil Bearce
Mixed by Phil Bearce & Briget Boyle
Video edited by Briget Boyle


The morning sun came through the glass
Found me on my knees at last
And I am finally feeling home inside my skin
There are Just as many truths as there are humans
god shaped holes that something ruined
I close my eyes and try to let it in

If there were one more way to paradise
Would you pay no matter what the price
Are you in?

Do you believe whatever you are told?
Do you trust them more when they are old?
Or do you need to know the color of their skin?
A woman covered head to toe
You’d be surprised at what she knows
Do you think your paradise will let her in?

If there were one more way to paradise
Would you pay no matter what the price
Are you in?


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colgoo replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Fantastic collaboration! Now I am thinking I need to do something similar with our Boston MA FAWM group! The vocals/fiddle/guitars really stand out on this. And those lyrics! I love this piece!!!

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tseaver replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Wonderful collab! I really like the image of god-shaped holes, and the call to radical inclusiveness.

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taracraig replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

This moved me to tears. The music and collaborative songwriting process, are so beautifully fitting for the theme, and powerfully enrich the message. The video takes it over the top for me by letting us in to the communal creation of this work. I have to echo @hummingbear and say that "I love the lushness, love the lyrics and the message!" for real ya' all, this is delish! @littlespiral I think tears welled up with the first note you played. @BrigetBoyle, @littlespiral, @elesimo, Ally Gale, @KadieKelly, @mixeract, @phylo thank you for the gift of this song! Simply gorgeous!!

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hummingbear replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Wow, what a robust production! Love the lushness, love the lyrics and message. Superb.

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Lovely rhymes, great to see such a big collaboration

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phylo[archived] replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

I’m so proud to have a small part in this song. The collaborative process was just amazing.

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mixeract[archived] replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

خوش اغنية عاشت ايدج

littlespiral's avatar

This is such a wonderful song in an excellent collaboration, and I am so happy that I landed my violin skills here!

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splittybooms replied on FAWM on 2019-03-06:

Had to listen without watching the vid (at work and can't sit and watch unfortunately). Beautiful vocals! The vocal chanting after the verses/chorus is a great touch and add that much more. All instrumentation was wonderful. I could've had a solid 2 or 3 more minutes with the music itself. Is that violin throughout? I'm not good at identifying instruments. But whatever it is, its gorgeously done. The fact that it was a bunch of you all coming together collectively, hanging out and making music...that is a great thing. I should seek that out someday, as it really seems like something that could help a lot of lonely musicians. Anyway, superb track!

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ceilidh replied on FAWM on 2019-03-15:

Usually I read the lyrics while the song plays, but couldn't look away from the video! Beautiful vocals and harmonies all woven with the wonderful violin and rhythm instruments carrying it all forward! I'm IN!

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siebass replied on FAWM on 2019-03-19:

Feels very soulful and melancholic from the start with the simple bassline, the strings, the progression and the acoustic pushed back. Nice harmonies early on. I enjoyed the line about god-shaped holes that something ruined, the singer trying to find some other way in to paradise, and possibly trying to convince someone else to join them. Interesting lyrical exploration, and a nice haunting tune to support it.

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audrey replied on FAWM on 2019-03-21:

Love this. Beautiful!

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saulius replied on FAWM on 2019-03-28:

Live From Briget's House. What an amazing experience you all must have had together! Amazing lyrics, great performance. Beautiful.