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One day

A song about a girl and a dog.

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Liner Notes

I was inspired by @brigetboyle[archived] to write more lyrics this year, so I took my guitar and just sang my heart out. The dog part is true, the girl part not so much.

Please feel free to comment on my vocals, as I don't usually sing and I would constructive feedback on how to get better. Also, I know the lyrics start by not rhyming and rhyme in the end, but that's simply how it came out. 😀

Thanks for listening!


There’s this boy down in my street
I don’t really know his name
He always comes down to my house
And plays with my dog

There’s this girl in my school
Who I really like
She carries her books close to her chest
She has the most beautiful smile

One day I’m gonna ask her out
One day I’m gonna figure out
How things work

One day I had to leave town
I left my dog behind
It was the saddest day in 15 years
Of an entire life

I never told the girl in class
The way I felt for her
And my old dog stayed with the boy
That lived down in my street

One day I’m coming back for you
One day I’m telling you
How I feel

So many years have passed by
So many farewells and goodbyes
I fell in love with many other girls
I got lost in many different tries

I still remember my old dog
I saw him many years ago
As for the girl that was my love
She had her second son, a boy named Joe

One day I’m coming back for you
One day I’m telling you
How I feel
And everything I’ve seen


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cnidaria replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

The lyrics are so simple but there’s such a universe profound feeling it conveys.

audrey's avatar
audrey replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

This is great. Engaging lyric and melody. Especially like the chorus.

valeriecox's avatar
valeriecox replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

This story is very good. The interweaving of two seemingly unconnected things is so well done. You make it all make since. Very good!

factorytale's avatar
factorytale replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

😁😁 yeah it's about taking the chance while it's there, not letting it slip away, and also losing that poor dog 😁 there's something to think about in this funny story.

tseaver's avatar
tseaver replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

I like the contrast between "one day" looking forward, and then backward. The regrets for things never attempted or left behind come through well.

mikeb's avatar
mikeb replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

'One Day' is a great hook, And you sing it out great at the start of each chorus. Keep writing story songs - they don't have to be all true!

jamesstaubes's avatar
jamesstaubes replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

This sounds British and I like that about it. I like the vocals, it has a distinct original style that's you. That's what vocals are all about.