New internet setup

Published by Beto Dealmeida on

Moving my internet services around a little bit

For the last 2 years I've been running some of my internet infrastructure from my closet; I had a cluster of 3 Raspberry Pis that were running my personal Mastodon instance and my home automation, in addition to a Postgres database and a message queue. Since I'm planning to move fulltime into an RV in the next couple months I had to move the services to the cloud.

This was a nice opportunity to consolidate some of the other services I run on Digital Ocean, and cut my cloud bill in almost half. I went from 12 servers (!) to only 4:

  • An "infra" server, running Postgres, Redis, MQTT, and Señor Octopus (my own home automation software).
  • A mail server, running Mail-in-a-Box and NextCloud (for photo backups).
  • A personal server, running my Mastodon instance, my Gemini capsule, and a custom made IndieAuth server.
  • An artist server, hosting my website and a few Fediverse instances (Pleroma, FunkWhale, PixelFed).

It took me a couple days to get everything working. The hardest part was probably migrating my personal Mastodon instance, since it was running an older version (3.5.4). But I was able to migrate to 4.1.2 running on Ubuntu 22.10, storing the files in S3.