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My first Fender guitar

After almost 30 years I finally have my first Fender guitar

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When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a musician. I asked my parents for a guitar, and on my birthday I went my my mother to a music shop to buy one.

I didn't know much about guitars. I've heard about Fenders, and heard that they were good. I didn't have a guitar teacher or a friend who played guitars that I could ask for advice.

When we got to the store, I saw a guitar that was shaped like a Fender, and had the logo "Fender" on its head. It also had another name on it: Tonante[archived].

I didn't know too much about guitars, and I didn't want to ask my parents for more things, so I didn't get an amplifier. To play the guitar, I would plug it into the left channel, get the output from the left channel and plug it back into the right channel, and send the right channel output to a speaker. I could play with the tone and volume knobs to get some distortion, and it worked great!

After some time I decided I needed a pedal, so I asked for one. My mother took me again to the music store, and ask me to choose one. I had no idea what pedals did or how they worked. I remember trying two different pedals, a distortion and a chorus pedal. I ended up choosing the chorus pedal, and I still have it this day! It's the oldest thing that I have.

Some friends at school wanted to start a band, and I asked if I could join. "I have a guitar!", I said. "What guitar?", they asked. "A Fender!", I replied. "A Fender?!? Wow!".

They quickly realized I didn't have a Fender, but didn't tell me anything nor made fun of me. I realized after a while that I had a terrible guitar, but I was happy with it. When I moved to another state I left it behind in my old house, and I never saw it again.

Earlier this year, before the shelter-in-place, I decided to buy a new guitar. This time, I decided to treat myself with a real Fender. I got a nice Stratocaster, in blue, and I love playing it.


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Savasthanos replied on Twitter on 2020-06-23:

@dealmeida Tonante tinha alguma parceria com a Fender? Ou só meteu o loco e meteu o logo?

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Robson Araujo replied on Twitter on 2020-06-23:

@dealmeida I bought my first guitar ever. I'm regretting not buying guitar stocks in February 😂