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I believe in savages

A song that had a very energetic feeling, with strong drums, and lots of distortion

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Liner Notes

For this FAWM I wanted to challenge myself to write 14 songs in one session, using a small portable musical instrument that I've been using more and more: the OP-Z. The OP-Z is a drum machine, sampler, sequencer and synthesizer the size of a TV remote control, and I love how it enables me to quickly sketch out song ideas and write full productions.

In addition to the OP-Z, I also used a Korg "mini kaoss pad 2S" to add some effects to the OP-Z, including reverb, filters, and distortion. During January I practiced with the OP-Z and the Korg, trying to make at least a song per day.

I used Titular (http://muse.fawm.org/titular) to generate the titles for the songs, and it really helped my creative process since I tried to interpret the seemingly random titles. For "I believe in savages" I tried to write a song that had a very energetic feeling, with strong drums, and lots of distortion.

I livestreamed my session to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YnyxxMnXpA) in case anyone is interested in seeing the workflow with the OP-Z.




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kendrakinsey replied on FAWM on 2021-02-02:

Awesome! I like the piano part

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petemurphy replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

I hear so much great music being made with those OP devices. This is so cool. The note choices on the lower pitched synth in the centre are great (don't know if it's arpeggiated or played. Either way, it's ace). Wicked piece of music!

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aeye replied on FAWM on 2021-02-03:

Dig that distortion. It's really deep. The depth of sound the OP-Z makes is pretty impressive.

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katmtl replied on FAWM on 2021-02-15:

I love this!! Nice synth tones!!😝

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heliosonorous replied on FAWM on 2021-03-08:

Cool sounds in here, the extra distortion and effects you used add a lot to this.