Hosting a website for 500 years

Published by Beto Dealmeida on

Saving my blog to every time there's a new post

I saw this post on Hacker News (the posts on HN are usually good, just don't read the comments) asking for the Best way to host a website for 500 years?

One of the design goals of my static site generator, Nefelibata, is persistence. Everything is saved as text: posts are written as Markdown and stored inside RFC 822 files; metadata is stored in YAML files; external images are mirrored locally, and external links are saved to the Wayback Machine in

One thing I added today that I had forgotten was to also save my blog every time there's a new post! I now modified it to call to save the new post, as well as the main landing page. That's my bet on the best way to keep my blog around for the next 500 years.

And if you're reading this from the future... I guess it worked?