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Harmonic dreams

A dreamy upbeat song made with the OP-Z and the OP-1 playing together

Liner Notes

For this song I wanted to use samples longer than the OP-Z[archived] can handle. I downloaded a royalty free cello sample[archived] and loaded it into the OP-1[archived].

Synchronizing the OP-1 with the OP-Z is simple, you just need to use a cable I nicknamed "time traveler" — on one end it's mini USB and the other end it's USB-C. Once they're connected this way, pressing play on one of them will make the other start playing as well, and they will keep playing in sync.

I had a problem with hum noise, though. Since the OP-1 and the OP-Z were both connected to the mixer, connecting them with the time traveler cable created a ground loop. I had to disable USB charging in both devices to get rid of the noise, but once I discovered that everything worked perfectly.

The cello samples from the OP-1 are going through my "sway" patch on the ZOIA[archived], slowly changing between different effects (delay, reverb, compression, bit crusher). I had the sample playing on loop, and adjusted its volumne on the fly while recording a one-take session.


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Wolf Kier replied on 50/90 on 2020-08-08:

Lost me on the technical set up but the result is Fab. Driving over that trip drum. Enjoyed my listen very much.

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standup replied on 50/90 on 2020-08-16:

I like that ripple across the stereo field. Great sounds. I like the build, the distortion, the arpeggios later on. And the solo cello near the end, nice decrescendo to get out. That distorted cellos sound is super cool. Good to "see" you on the FAWMstock thing tonight.

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headfirstonly replied on 50/90 on 2020-10-06:

I love the way you push that cello sample into all sorts of interesting shapes here. It fits in nicely with those arpeggios, and the glitches when the sample breaks down really add character to the track. Nice lead synth line, too. And yeah, ground loops are a pain. I've got several DI boxes in my setup these days to stop them cropping up, and then I add another bit of kit and the hum returns...