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Estero Americano

A song about an estuary

Liner Notes

A simple track, still using the piano samples I've been using lately. I love how it makes the OP-Z[archived] sound completely different and unexpected — I need to play more with the sampling capabilities of the OP-Z.


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Vom Vorton replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-30:

Really nice clear piano tone and I love the subtle, warbling pads that back it up.

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phoenixash replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-30:

This is the same time organic jazz and videogame music, and I reckon it works interestingly well

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phylo replied on 50/90 on 2020-08-05:

It's very lovely. It kept me staring at the same thing for the entire 4:19. Is it that stream in Sonoma County the Americano Creek? Nice.