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Chaos theory

A night jam with the OP-Z and piano samples

Liner Notes

A quick jam on the OP-Z[archived] before going to bed, In this one I explore using piano samples to make the song feel more organic.


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Sunfire replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-22:

I really like stuff like this that stimulates my imagination with the variations in sound.

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Fuzzy replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-22:

For some reason this reminds me of outer space. Like watching a sunrise on Mars. The percussion entry is a nice surprise. I like how the piano anchors all the squiggly beepy boopy noises. This is a "quick jam"? Awesome. Great ending.

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headfirstonly replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-22:

That cavernous opening drum hit is just my sort of thing. The piano arps drive everything along nicely, but it's that mournful little synth lead that's the real star for me. This piece reminds me of Paddy Kingsland's work for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop back in the 80s. This is just the sort of thing a director would drop over scenes of some futurist dystopia (and for some reason they were usually shot on the streets of Bristol. Go figure...) Rather lovely, this. More, please!

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phoenixash replied on 50/90 on 2020-07-27:

Even though you placed so many cool beats on it the heavy emotional piano chords are what drives the song and elevate it to many intricate feelings. Very good my friend