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A slow ambient track made on top of drums recorded by another musician.

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Photo by Khalil Benihoud on Unsplash

Liner Notes

After reading the thread where @zecoop[archived] offers his drums[archived], I decided to give it a try.




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zecoop[archived] replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Whoa - that's awesome!! Slow them down and they turn all tribal. Love that and the whole vibe is so cool and ambient, and the louder snare drum part really offsets the rest and sounds freaking huge, but still fits. Really amazing transformation. Well done!

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enigma4711 replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

This sounds severely cool! I like how much bottom end the track's got. @zecoop 's drums fits so well in this mix

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sailingmagpie replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Love the vibe you've created here. The ambient swells are great and work really well with the slowed down drums. Weirdly, the last track I uploaded used the same drum track from zecoop, though in a very different way!

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leomozi replied on FAWM on 2019-03-29:

Very cool take on @zecoop‘s drum track. Haunting and hypnotic.