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A song about being attentive.

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Liner Notes

I tuned my guitar on an open G[archived] and wrote this song.

"One day a man of the people said to Zen Master Ikkyu:

'Master, will you please write for me some maxims of the highest wisdom?'

Ikkyu immediately took his brush and wrote the word 'Attention.'

'Is that all?' asked the man. 'Will you not add something more?'

Ikkyu then wrote twice running: 'Attention. Attention.'

'Well,' remarked the man rather irritably, 'I really don’t see much depth or subtlety in what you have just written.'

Then Ikkyu wrote the same word three times running: 'Attention. Attention. Attention.' Half angered, the man demanded:

'What does that word Attention mean anyway?'

And Ikkyu answered gently: 'Attention means attention.'"




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standup replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Sounds great, and nothing like the Stones! I like the core tonality, it has a center that it keeps returning to. Nice blend of effects, creates a lovely sound.

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tseaver replied on FAWM on 2019-02-28:

Lovely tune. Admirable koan.