Adding RSVP'd events to my calendar

Published by Beto Dealmeida on

How my blog automatically adds RSVP'd events to my calendar

I recently added support for RSVP posts to my static site generator, allowing me to confirm my participation in IndieWeb events.

To create a new RSVP I run:

nb new -t rsvp "RSVPing to an event"

This will create a new directory and open my editor with this template:

subject: RSVPing to an event

After populating the fields and optionally adding more content I can build the Gemini and HTML versions of my blog:

nb build

This command will fetch the page of the event (rsvp-url) and try to parse the information from an h-event microformat. If the information is found, the event is automatically added to my calendar.

The last step is publishing the post:

nb publish

This will push the HTML pages to an S3 bucket and the Gemini pages to an FTP server. More importantly, it will send a webmention to the event page, confirming my participation.